U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots

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U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots
U.S. Hang Glider Pilots

:arrow: This forum contains topics headlined by real names of pilots who have flown a hang glider in U.S. airspace.
:arrow: The domains http://www.UShangGlidingPilots.com and http://www.UShangGliderPilots.com redirect to this forum.

:arrow: A US HG pilot may start his or her topic file with the rule that the topic title is to be a proper real name; subsequent posts by others in such pilot topic thread are to remain using the proper name; avoid changing such. Thank you. Only pilots who have flown air-framed hang gliders in U.S. airspace will be accepted into this special HG pilot space. Note: if a post in a pilot thread of post is very off theme, then we will have a sub-section in U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots for "moved posts." Hopefully posters will build a great and community-building set of messages behind each pilot's name. Controversial topics are certainly important as polite controversy is also a community builder.

:arrow: SEARCHING for a pilot? Use the search tool of the site.

:arrow: SUGGEST a pilot by emailing some information to pilot@UShangglidingPilots.com or :arrow: start the topic yourself.

:arrow: Advance the study and discussion of any of the shown U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots. If it is about you, then tell HG things to others! Others will have stories about the subject pilot. If the pilot is instructing, then observers and students may discuss such instruction. Incidents involving a subject HG pilot may be discussed. Stories of flights are invited. HG pilots who have entered the great Next Thermal may have their histories developed by posts. Every HG Pilot of US is worthy of study and appreciation. Getting to know each other builds community, enjoyment, and safety. Potentials of cooperation increase as we get to know each other. Consider making it a habit posting something about yourself or another US HG Pilot.

:idea: NOTICE the neat tool at the bottom of pages: One may sort the U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots in various ways!!! :thumbup: Explore that!
Display topics from previous: Sort by etc. [b]See bottom of page for tool.[/b] :idea: :!:

The "Sort by Subject", either "ascending" or "descending" will sort by pilots' first names alphabetically.

Administration of posts lateral to the main theme of this special forum are placed in a thread "Administration."
This special forum was given go-ahead by vote by the directors of US Hawks Hang Gliding Association.

START ONE OF THESE PILOTS :thumbup: :wave: :

1000s of HG pilots are absent from below temporary working list; feel free to research a US HG pilot and start his or her topic. Minimum: Solo HG flight in US airspace.
TEMPORARILY LIST OF US HANG GLIDING PILOTS who may soon have a topic thread started in this specialized forum; feel free to start the topic thread
Alan Friday
Alex Bogatko
Alex Kitay
Alex Poythress
Alex Psomopoulos
Alexander Orlov
Andrew Beem
Andrew Nygren
Anthony Yob
Arturo Melean
Attila Kabai
Bart Weghorst
Billy B. Vaughn
Billy Vaughn
Brooke Quinley
Chris Hinrichs
Christopher Bruno
Dan DeWeese
Daniel Guido
Daniel Gutierrez Hoyos
Darin Bue
Dean Miller
Diego Miralles
Diego Posada
Diego Posada
Diego Miralles
Douglas P. Hale
Duncan Wierman
Ed Wiggins
Eduardo Sallada
Edward W. Wilson
Edwing Flores
Elizabeth Van Eaton
Eric Hinrichs
Eric Meibos
Fraser Marlow
Gabriel Gavidia-Garcia
Gabriele Di Francesco
Greg DeWolf
Haley Smith
Harrison Sylvan
Hunter Hollingshead
James E. Tindle
Jack Axaopoulos
Jay Dimter
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Odle
Jeremy Armstrong
John Ebinger
John Heiney
John Rinaldi
John Simpson
John Zyadet
Jonathan Dietch
Jonathan Hayden
Jordan Stratton
Juan Orphee
Kacey Loughrie
Kurtis Carter
Kyle Orth
Landry Poole
Lionel Lopez
Luke Waters
M. Carolina Orphee
Majo Gularte
Mark A. Windsheimer
Mark Drury
Mark Seiner
Masayo Miyauchi
Matthew Hickerson
Matthew Taber
Maxwell Mileck
Megan Turner
Mel Glantz
Michael Asel
Michael MacDonald
Mike Effinger
Mike Kolupaev
Morgan Detton
Mutahir Ali
Nathan Fitzhugh
Nelson A. Franquiz
Octavio Gutierrez
Patrick Denevan
Paul Kent Colangelo
Paul Voight
Peter Biggers
Peter Meinhold
Peter Suchanek
Randal Weiss
Richard Westmoreland
Rick Maddy
Rik Bouwmeester
Rob Mckenzie
Robert Booth
Robert J. Hastings
Rusty Whitley
Samuel Zlibut
Sana Amin
Saul Richard
Scott Schneider
Sebastian Domingo
Shawn Scott
Soham Mehta
Spencer L. indt
Sujata Sen
Terry Garnier
Thomas Jaeger
Timothy Curran
Timothy Glenshaw
Timothy Ward
Toben Green
Trac No
Walter (terry Heatlie
William C. Cydo
William Just
William Perez
Zac Majors
Zachary Hill

INCOMPLETE NAMES: Real name is needed.
Chris C_________ CSquared

Join a National Hang Gliding Organization: US Hawks at ushawks.org

View pilots' hang gliding rating at: US Hang Gliding Rating System

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