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Membership history of the US Hawks Forum:

             35 in 2010 (35 total)
                            +43 in 2011 (78 total)
                                    +26 in 2012 (104 total)
                                                 +37 in 2013 (141 total)
                                                            +34 in 2014 (175 total)
                                                                           +44 in 2015 (219 total)
                                                                                    +29 in 2016 (248 total)
                                                                                          +18 in 2017 (266 total)

About the US Hawks Hang Gliding Association:

    The US Hawks Hang Gliding Association is dedicated to the mission of promoting, protecting, and serving recreational hang gliding in the United States. The US Hawks currently provides free membership to both individual pilots and clubs in order to bring together the local and national resources to carry out its mission. The US Hawks is the first national hang gliding association to provide both local and national discussion platforms integrated into a single unified forum.