Non-Hang Gliding Blog Forum Rules

Individual journals about topics not specifically related to hang gliding.

Non-Hang Gliding Blog Forum Rules

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:10 am

Non-Hang Gliding Blog Forum Rules

This forum is for Blogs not related to the sport of Hang Gliding.

Each Blog is a topic started by an individual and moderated by that same individual.

The first post in each Blog topic must state the purpose and rules of that Blog. Please abide by these rules.

If the Blog rules for a topic don't invite other people to post, then please don't post if you're not the person who started the Blog.

Any posts that a Blog creator wishes to have removed will be moved to the "Removed Posts" topic inside this Blog forum.

Bloggers, please contact me by Personal Message (PM) if you want any posts removed from your Blog topics.

Blogs may be moved out of this Blog Forum if they are judged to be taking advantage of these blogging rules to make statements about other people without giving them a chance to reply.

Thanks for everyone's cooperation!!     :wave:
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