PG Tree Lands Up Top at Mt Washington

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PG Tree Lands Up Top at Mt Washington

Postby wingspan33 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:19 pm

This last Sunday the local TV news put up this story - < ... ider-crash >

The "Canadian" PG occupant landed in some woods "near County Route 113" at abt 3:30 pm on Sunday. The story has video from the air but I'm not sure exactly where it really was. You can't see Rt 113 from the video, only trees and the edge of a corn field.

What I'd like to know is if his chute collapsed due to "turbulence", at some distance above the ground, and he was lucky enough to come down in trees. Or, just "lost air" and hit the trees with little falling involved. Interestingly, RAF's Google Group says not one word about the "incident" but does include "happy" flight reports from the day. Luckily, the PG rider wasn't hurt - just in a tree for 2 hours! :lolno:

This is the place where RAF hands out U$hPa Discovery Flight (DF) 30 day memberships to these (usually Canadian) visiting pilots for $30 while the DF 30 day memberships only cost them $6. Interesting also that DF memberships are meant only for "students receiving tandem instruction".

So, Rochester Area Flyers thinks I'm a danger to their U$hPa "site insurance"? :srofl: :eh:

Recent History -

- Less than 2 months ago an inexperienced RAF HG member breaks arm landing in valley LZ.
- On Sunday 9/8/19 Canadian PG occupant tree lands on top of the hill.

U$hPa should be told about how bad RAF :oops: is with this safety issue that's so very important to them. :roll:

PS - I was just told by Martin Palmez that those 30 memberships are encouraged by the U$hPa to be given out to any qualifying pilot - not just tandem students. Makes sense since the U$hPa makes more money the more of them that are issued.
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