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What does Billy Floyd expect?

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Sun May 08, 2022 7:25 am

On April 24 2022, Bill Floyd started a new Oz Forum topic titled "Basic Vario":

BilleFly wrote:I'm looking for a basic Vario, that just does feet/min up, and down, and has a digital altimeter readout. My old Sentek that I bought from Mitch Mac.. in 1985, just got buried and it served me well for many years.

I never use the sound on a verio, when flying Rogallo, or PG ; I do like it when flying the Atos though. I mostly like to know if I'm at legal altitude at the places that I fly ; so an altimeter is a must have.

Can anyone recommend a Vario that will fit my needs ?

Thanks : Bille

The topic got no replies, and today (May 8, 2022) Bill Floyd posted this:

BilleFly wrote:Someone sold me an old Flytec 4010 for real cheap ; someone else gave me the airspeed sensor that fits it, so i got what i needed, with no help from this forum.

Oz use to be a Great HG forum for help and advise ; what happened ?


What happened Bille? Do you really need to ask? You and Davis (and Jack) participted in dividing the hang gliding community for nearly a decade. What did you expect to happen?
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