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Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:35 pm
by JoeF
Dockweiler Recreational HG Diary New Era

July 31, 2017, first session of recreational hang gliding on permitted day:
Three permitted recreationists had recreational flights: Bob Kuczewski, Joe Faust, Frank Colver. Frank had a micro HG flight. Bob and Joe had from 20 to 22 flights. All landings were mild. As ever, little new learnings occurred.
Responsible motions at launch resulted for habitual vigilance by all present. Angela Boras, some Condor-flight background from Windsports' Joe Greblo's instructions from some year back, took photos and as a Friend of Dockweiler Gliding Society and Los Angeles Citizen helped to clean the site of debris. Thanks go to the many parties to the new era's beginnings: Los Angeles County Supervisor Hahn, Director of Beaches & Harbor Gary Jones, Assistant to Supervisor Hahn Nick Ippolito, Beaches & Harbor Amir Tadros, other staff of Beaches & Harbor, Los Angeles County Legal Department, Windsports' Joe Greblo, Bob Kuczewski, Joe Faust, Frank Colver, and others. The County has events and concessions that cover themselves with insurance; any public recreationist enters Beaches & Harbor's assets generally accepting self-responsibility holding the City, State, and County harmless from incidents deriving from non-gross negligence (the County, City, and State go to large extents to avoid gross negligence. There is also a State's recreational-use-of-land statute that protect land owners and land managers from being responsible for incidents by recreational users of involved lands.
Hang gliding at Dockweiler has had four identifiable eras: James Hobson in the first year or so of 1960 followed by Richard Miller and many flying friends followed by a host of free-flight recreationists; that first era was let be until the activity was closed. The second era was a closed era during which planning and construction occurred; in the second era's end sector Joe Greblo worked for certain design-of-site and concessionaire. The third era had the open bidding and acceptance of a concession contract that had some fuzzy clauses; some tacit habits and signage neglected the general public recreationist hang gliding person; canopy paragliding was prohibited by sign and enforcement; individual non-concessioned hang gliding was by sign prohibited. The fourth era is present and captures some of the first era; the fourth era has individuals permitted to recreate with hang gliding; the director Gary Jones and his representatives coordinate to permit a recreational hang glider person to participate in hang gliding action by following any rule placed in the present permit or amendments that may occur; as is common by City, County, and State, there is no insistence that the public join any certain private association or corporation in order to use the public recreation lands designated for certain activities defined by management as appropriate for the activity; the County thus fulfills its mandate to bring health to the citizens via recreation solutions; the result of recreation bring a vibrate and prosperous citizenry and strong State, it is hoped. In any arrangement participants and visitors have a common law responsibility to avoid hurting property and persons; there is also a common responsibility to report to enforcement agents and assist agents as needed for the protection of property and persons. If a visitor/participant injures property or persons or self, then he or she is responsible to the injured owners or persons unless gross negligence was involved by the non-self-managers or persons. The millions of visitors individually to the beaches are not required to obtain third-party insurance to cover their recreational activities.
July312017FirstSessionNewPermitDockweilerFalconCarry500pixCap1.jpg (84.64 KiB) Viewed 3273 times

Re: Dockweiler Recreational HG Diary New Era

PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:30 pm
by JoeF
Dockweiler Recreational HG Diary New Era

A fifth era is anticipated. The fifth era would mimic models in place in the County where a public recreation activity is separate from the concession that might serve such recreation activity, but both open recreation and the concession would operate side-by-side in cooperation. This occurs for bicycle renting; the general bicycle recreationist is separate from bicycle-renting-selling concessionaire; food service concession is side-by-side with those public recreationists who bring their own food to the beach. Steps have been taken toward the fifth era which mimics part of the later section of the first era where instructors had business right aside the public individual recreating hang glider person. See and hear part of the steps toward the fifth coming era by seeing public comments at the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors meeting of August 1, 2017, where Joe Faust spoke of such fifth era; and Bob Kuczewski suggested the structure also.

Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:34 am
by JoeF
RHG : recreational hang gliding
Diary notes:
10 a.m.-11 a.m. : site cleaning. Four beach personnel helped to take away FDGS found-and-arranged items off the most south launch-flight-run path: four large wood logs, six boards that had each two nails in them sticking out ready for nasty punctures, a door-frame part, and two BBQ skewers set in sand ready to pierce beach goers and landing recreational hang glider pilots. The launch and flight run is rarely, if ever used by the concessionaires or recreational hang glider pilots; but now the path is cleared of hazards. At about 5 p.m. BobK, JoeF, and Frank flew at the cleared most-south site. The site is south of where the concessionaire mostly gives lessons. Our flights were substantial.

12 noon to 1:30 a Condor 330 owned by Frank Colver was hatched fully by combine efforts of Frank, BobK, and JoeF. Frank modified the foam on the base bar to allow the wheels that he constructed for the beach sand; the mod worked well.

Then flying ensued; between the three pilots about 45 take offs, 45 cruise flights, and 45 landings were made. Each take off had its peculiar lessons and experience. Each flight through the clean fresh air had its special challenges. Each landing gave a neat unique fun experience. All were refreshing the spirit.

About 7:30 p.m.: The putting to bed of the Condor 330 had its challenges and little lessons. Some things were found that will be getting Frank's special shop attention. Plugs for the LE tubes for semi-short pack is one project. Another: One flying wire was with a significant scuff stemming from shipping from Michigan state or prior use in Michigan; we taped the section to identify it for later attention. The helper bungee for the rear kingpost wire will be getting some logistical attention. The keel rib batten front cradling will get some Frank ingenuity. A tip bag seems to be missing. A helper rubber strap might be found to aid in keeping the batten camber sectors together for bagging.

We celebrated with an evening meal and made some plans further organization of FDGS.

My trek for the day was enriching and joyful: 6 a.m. packed; 7 a.m. began walk to bus; bus; train; bus; walk; arrived at Dockweiler at 10 a.m. Three hours going. At day's end the return transport after BobK left me at Douglas Station (train: Green Line) was 1 1/2 hr, half the going time. (Green Line train to Harbor Freeway bus Silver Line 910 to CSULA).

It was a special dinner; we gave thanks to Frank for sharing his new Condor 330. Earlier in the day we signed Frank's waiver concerning the sharing of his wings and things. We hold him harmless for anything that might happen to us stemming from interfacing with his wings and things.

Some one-way soaring was in some of our flights.

Great time together.
Many spectators. And we deeply answered many questions. Rodney took some key flight videos and will be sending them to Frank. Also an old timer hang glider visitor smiled and indicated he would be visiting again; I am guessing he will be applying for a RHG permit; he has already significant hang glider skills; the visitor had competed against Joe Greblo in a hang glider competition someplace and ended with more points that Joe Greblo.
One lady was disappointed that we did not fly out over the ocean and far away; she expected more than we could deliver. Maybe next time .... :idea:

Re: Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:38 am
by Frank Colver
Good and detailed FFR (Free Flying Report) Joe. :thumbup:


Re: Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:17 pm
by Bob Kuczewski
Great diary and a nice opening report!!

Here's one of my frames of Joe flying (before my battery died):

Joe.jpeg (47.08 KiB) Viewed 7733 times

Also, I just welcomed Bill McGinnis from UC San Diego in the "Hello US Hawks" topic, and I posted a few pictures from yesterday's flying there. If you read Bill's post, you'll see that he goes way back in the sport (1973). He's currently re-entering under John Heiney's instruction.

I invited Bill to join us some time, and I directed him to this topic. I hope Frank can find time to post some better pictures than I had from my camera. Maybe a few frames or links to vimeo to augment Joe's report. :thumbup:

Mostly, thanks to both of you for a great day of flying. The future looks very bright for the Friends of Dockweiler!!! :D

Re: Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:19 pm
by SamKellner
Great Job Hawks !

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:49 am
by Frank Colver
I didn't have any good pics of my first flight in my new (to me) WW Condor 330. Here are some snapshots from the video of my second flight.

This Condor came to me looking like it was brand new. We might have put more flights on it at Dockweiler, last Monday, that it ever had before. Kudos to Cloud9 for taking such good care of a fantastic flying machine :!:

Frank Colver

2nd flight 1.jpg
2nd flight 1.jpg (197.94 KiB) Viewed 7716 times

2nd flight 3.jpg
2nd flight 3.jpg (199.52 KiB) Viewed 7716 times

2nd flight 2.jpg
2nd flight 2.jpg (203.44 KiB) Viewed 7716 times

Dockweiler RHG Diary for Aug. 28, 2017, Monday

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:09 am
by JoeF
Frank Colver fathered the birthing of another Condor, a 225.
Bob Kuczewski, site-opener leader, was first to fly the Condor 225.
Faust followed. Then Frank took his initial flight which went well; video will be someplace available.

Two wind tells were hung and later taken down.

Frank broke a new-era record: 7 flights today! That number matches his pioneering USHGA membership number.
Congratulations, Frank. His flights gave him many experiences spicing the fun day.

Bob and Faust each had approximately 20 launches, 20 glides, and 20 landings. No two flights of the 47 were identical; each had special adventures. No crashes. No injuries. Full day of exercise, fraternity, and learning. Backdrop: wonderful sea state ever changing and delighting and peace-giving.

Today was the first day in the new Dockweiler recreational hang gliding era where two wings were active; the second one was Bob's Falcon 3 195. Bob and Joe flew both wings of the day.

Frank intimated that the excellent-condition Condor 225 might be available. Interested?

We three explored the hang point carefully on the Condor 225 and traced the little flight nuances from changing the setting.

The Friends of Dockweiler and USHawks cleaned litter from Imperial Blvd park entry to the south launch of the hang gliding site. A US Hawk also detailed a park hazard to the lifeguard at Imperial Blvd.; there are four steel buoys set as sculpture to give facade to the park's entry; the most east buoy has a rusted and sharp and broker rigging eye on its site just where child may climb and pass; the sharp projection is a hazard waiting to severely gash someone's leg. The lifeguard said he will report the matter to Beaches & Harbor.

It was evident that our directing many people to HG instruction may be important to the concession. We answered questions about HG.

Ed Vasquez (first flown HG in Zephyr in New York in 1974; early Glider Rider reader; much HG experience; once best in a competition the current owner of Windsports, cyclist) has now shown two times at Dockweiler new-era recreational HG days. He will be on Aug. 29, 2017, starting communications aiming at obtaining an approved permit for recreational hang gliding under management of Los Angeles County Beaches & Harbor.

Burrito and taco meal after sunset let us review some Dockweiler evolution concerns. What ifs.... ? Otto meet next year? Tie-down concerns. Soaring matters. Assuring good practices? New permit applications? Some HG political issues? Coming changes at Windsports International?

Thanks to Bob for a car lift to Douglas train station where paper-airplane sculpture is featured. While Faust was waiting for the train at the elevated waiting platform, he pulled out a special dynamic wing and kited it; a cyclist: "That's cool!"

The day brought soothing deep exercise, mediation, learning, fun flying. The recreation gives foundation for doing our other works in the community.

Re: Dockweiler RHG Diary

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:04 am
by Frank Colver
Thanks for the report, Joe.

Here is the link to my Vimeo clip showing my 1st and last flights of the day. In between was the discovery, when I took my hands off the bar & it stalled, that the hang point we were using trimmed the glider too slow, leading to some directional instability and slow turn recovery response. After moving the attachment point about 1 1/2 inches forward the flight characteristics improved immensely.

Here is the link to the 2 minute video:

As usual, BobK and JoeF were a big help to me physically and mentally, thanks Guys! :clap:

Frank Colver

D RHG D: Sept. 5, 2017, Tuesday

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:12 am
by JoeF
Super pleasant HG day in TWO SESSIONS marked by a needed nap in the shade of the Falcon 3 195, courtesy of Torrey Hawks-shirt-wearing US Hawks Bob Kuczewski.
First session in 8 to 9 mph (est.) cool welcome breeze from a distant horizon; sea state: mild, maybe 3% white capping. Low clouds streaming gently without complexity. Before the nap estimated 15 flights each: 15 take-off, 15 unique glides, and 15 ever-exciting landings. True joy to leave terra firma and be airborne with some bird-like control and then meet Earth firma again.
Second session: about 10 flights each. BobK and JoeF were the permittees.
We changed launch points and envisioned some things to try soon. One idea: smooth the sand incline at one of the launches; set a taut run fabric; and see how that goes.
In three interludes JoeF flew two kinds of string kites.
Seagulls were ever helpful as companions whether they were flying or not.

Ed Vasquez was post-session given a copy of the RHG waiver.

Glider Suite at Borland was visited by BobK. He comes from San Diego to the neat Los Angeles recreational hang glider site at Dockweiler.

A distance recreational playful contest occurred in the first session and then more seriously in the second session; BobK set the day's world record for the site with the wing at hand. Congratulations, Bob Kuczewski, for your leadership in opening the RHG site at Dockweiler in the new era, and for setting the record for the day for distance by keen management of the potential energy and the energy you added from your launch technique from the little Faust Hill.

We flew right up to sunset. With the sun below the horizon, a rest was taken before putting the bird away in its blanket. A difficult zippering in the wing's stow bag challenged us; BobK had the magic solution. Zip ... the wing was put to rest.

JoeF did one deliberate wheel landing in prone while having very low ground speed while still looking forward to the further distance mark set by BobK.

Many questions by spectators were answered. Several serious quests were directed to Windsports for instruction opportunities.

Some glass bottles and other debris were placed in the sanitation containers.

Three pelicans graced our view at the end of the fun day of hang gliding.