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Re: Bob's Motion to ban hawk891

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:28 pm
by JoeF
You have posted further in this topic and have yet to correct your statement or give reason why my clarification does not compel you to see what I claimed as an error. Please still consider making a correction in this thread. Simply, my first post did not say what you said it said; I gave evidence that I did not say what you said. Did I provide enough evidence, as I repeated the full post; and in the full post there is no saying of what you said it said? Please print a correction and help remove the impact of the error. Still, TIA, but how much time do you need for addressing the short matter?

Retrace: your statement about my first post in that topic: "said he could not talk about “those” subjects on the Hang Gliding General Board."
I showed you the full first post; in that post I said not what you said I said. For whatever is the cause of the error, please correct the error. The cause might have been how you interpreted my post; your interpretation might have greased the path for you to write a false statement. I showed a proof to you where 100% of the words and statements were present; and "those" was not present; and there was no command present besides the polite two short commands: "Be well." and "Be right with all." If you see something lacking in the short proof, let's talk about it; otherwise, consider letting the proof compel you to correct your statement about what I said.

Do you think you owe a correction publicly? '

Re: Bob's Motion to ban hawk891

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:35 pm
by magentabluesky