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Postby Chris McKeon » Tue Oct 18, 2022 5:35 pm

I have been AWOL for Quite a Wile. I have not Flown in Six Months twenty one days now. Well in My absence Technology regarding the Instrument's that We Pilots has evolved. i think that there are set-ups available where a pilot can monitor His, or Her's Variometer. Also the Pilot can take a GPS. aloft with Him or Her so that said Pilot will be able know their location. What I think is quite Very Cool; The GPS that the Pilot takes aloft with them is able to communicate with a unit that the Person who will retrieve them so that that person will know where the Pilot is. This just sounds cool to Me.

So if any of You know about which Company manufacturers these unit's, please Tell Me about them. Chris McKeon: CCMCK@GOLDSTATE.NET. 925-497-1059
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