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Postby Chris McKeon » Sat Oct 16, 2021 7:12 pm

I have been giving thought to My Pilot Bucket list. For even though I have been Flying Hang Gliders for 21 Years there are a couple of Flights that would be noteable regarding My Flying. First off is to Fly once again. Yes to merley attain once again. My Airworthiness.This will be my greatest flight ever!
That Flight ,Might very well take place down in Southern California at Dockweiler Beach. Yea Baby! I have other flights that I would love to enter in My logbook. Such as launching from Walt's Point then to Fly to Wolf's peak Launch. where I will lnd. I also want to do a flight; Where I launch from Wolf's Peak then fly either North or I will Fly South along the Sierra Mountains, oh about say a 150 miles, 'Land up on the Mountain Range. Pull My camping Gear out of the Predator's Sail. This gear would be something for Me to sleep in, Food, and I will also be packing My Camel-Back so I will have some water to Drink. Thyen the following Morning, I wuill Launch then Fly back to Wolf's Peak. I also want to Fly XC one hundred Miles in under Four Hours.

Well now everyone knows My "Sky Bucket List"
Chris McKeon
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