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Postby Craig Muhonen » Sun Sep 25, 2022 1:36 pm

H0pinion from Chief Full Bull
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Rick Masters wrote:In my opinion, Dennis Pagen's original series of books remain the best source of information.

The guy was a genius until he drank the kool-aid.

Flying may be relatively easy, but
ground handling in strong wind is job one, why else fly?
The wind WILL blow and you never know, so learn quickly,
your muscles will love you for it.

Here are some PG vids;

Paragliders and their instructors, *even if you have one*, are complex and tedious.

Now for the other side of the story;

Very professional safe and simple training to set up to fly, even by wind tunnel simulator Hint Hint

I think that if you put all students carefully and safely in the wind like this,
their confidence SKY rockets and the muscle memory they gain lasts a lifetime.

Then you might try this.

Ground handling muscles, then you fly. with music.

then the fun begins, but do not take the OC pill. Over Confidence.

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Sometimes you gotta' push the stick forward while you're lookn' at the ground
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