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Sock Series

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:52 pm
by JoeF
Sock Series
The best I surmise to date: Sock 1 to Sock 2 to Sock 3 from 1983-1986.
"The Yvon Perret Sock hang glider appeared in 1985"
Sock 2
Sock 3

Sock 3

The manufacturer and pilot tester of the Sock 2 is Alain Jacques. After a few tests on the slope school, he had taken off directly from the north hill in St Hil.

Sock 2
Wing area: 15.21 m²
Wing span: 11.6 m
Aspect ratio: 8.8
Hang glider weight: 36 kg
Packed length: 3 m
Nose angle: 138°

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Regarding a later project called Piuma Project
by Yvon Perret, a PDF had the clip showing noting his earlier Sock. Piuma was not a HG.