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Paresev hang gliders

Postby JoeF » Fri May 17, 2013 11:05 am

This topic invites a robust study of the Paresev hang gliders in all their variations, the pilots of the variations, their towing-launching vehicles, etc.
In December of 1961 Paul Bikle directed that a cheap first wing for pilot flight practice be constructed. Not much over a month and presto ... maiden lift off.
Tell the story in detail. If anyone can get original documents and memos from file, great. Rich story. They used public-domain wing and public-domain control principles, but tweaked out various pilot-holds and tricycles. They did not opt to use the many-decades-old most simple hang glider A-frame control arrangement that was in public domain since at least 1908 ...yes, the one we mostly use today in our sport hang gliders. Instead they were after high wing loading and fast landing speeds and wanted to protect astronaut bodies and highly-valued test-pilot bodies. Although Rogallo already had taught in their circles about sport hang gliding, these Paresev hang glider test pilots were in a different mission mindset.
Show and tell the rich story of the Paresev hang gliders. Anyone? Thanks.

What was the very first make? What role did Charles Richards (or not s ?) play in that first and subsequent build? How many separate changes and builds were accomplished during the whole program? What were the dates of each change? What crafting challenges did they face? What injuries occurred in the whole program? What ware the release altitudes of the flights? How many flights were made by each of the eight test pilots?
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