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Klaus Hill

Postby JoeF » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:53 am

Klaus Hill
Mid 1900s hang gliding history has in it a sparkling contributor: Klaus Hill.
All manner of historical note on him would be welcome to this thread.

To start, the memory tease came from Don Liddard's giving a robust link: regarding a project that came to completion: SuperFoater.

Dave Broyles article: ... loater.htm

But there is more to Klaus Hill's story. Hope others will find and post. There was a tight relationship with Richard Miller, Larry Hall, and others.
Klaus Hill was part of the early 1960s fraternity receiving and participating in Low, Slow, and Out of Control that was part of the basis for Low & Slow roots; the early fraternity was already recognizing Horton Brothers for hang gliding visions.

Some notes are on my Larry Hall working page: ... /index.htm
And also on:

Freshly: US Aviation (Full name: Ultralight Soaring Aviation LLC):

Our John Heiney features a caption: "Klaus Hill flying Klaus' and Richard Miller's design which Klaus had built. Photo by Evan Hall" for the photo of Klaus Hill in a Richard Miller HG design:
See photo by Evan Hall on: ... Cheney.htm
clipped here: Image

Superfloater plans: ... loater.pdf Page count: 40

Discussion thread: ... ssage/7793
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Re: Klaus Hill

Postby Red » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:45 am

Klaus Hill designed the Manta Fledglings. When Manta made the Fledgling-II, Klaus was not happy with the results, so he did it better: this was the Voyager.
The Pterodactyls and Ascenders were powered Fledglings.
The Fledgling airframe was used for the KasperWings, both the hang glider version and the KasperWing ultralight motorglider.
Klaus combined the Kasper wingtip gates and Fledgling rudders to make effective NASA winglets for the Fledgling hang glider.


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