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Carbon fibers for use in epoxy systems for HG tubes

Postby JoeF » Fri Oct 13, 2023 5:45 pm

This topic hopes that discussants will stay focused just on the fibers, not the fabrics and not the composite. The fibers that might make their way into HG tubes and parts are central to the discussion. There are other fibers that could be used in making composites; those might deserve a dedicated topic. It seems the industry and science are splitting CNT fibers and graphene fibers as a realm separate from carbon fibers even though those two exotics are built with carbon atoms. So, this present topic hopes to keep those distinctions; perhaps other topic threads could delve into CNT fibers and another for graphene fibers for HG potentials.
There seems to be carbon fibers made from a variety of precursor materials. Resulting carbon fibers have a variety of properties that affect final products using those variously sourced carbon fibers.
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