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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2022 6:47 pm
by Chris McKeon
Flight music:

OK I am putting out a couple of Requests. One What Company Makes a CD Player that has Headphones that would fit inside of My Helmet? Because it is only natural that I can listen to some Music from the Greatest-Hardest, Bad to the Bone Rocking Band Who ever Played. Yes of course that Band is AC/DC! Yea when I am all cranked up Flying My perfectly Fine Glider, My One Fifty Eight Predator. I want to have some "MOOD MUSIC" Playing t Cranked up through a set of Headphones.


Well I lost My Vario when I Pounded Twelve and a Half Years ago. So I will need to buy a new Vario. What Brand, and Model Vario are Guys using these Days. I also need to have GPS. Can One's Vario-GPS communicate with a Pilot's Driver? So as to have Your Driver be informed as to where You Are?