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Lakeview Hawks Seeking Founding Members

Postby Bob Kuczewski » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:41 pm

The Lakeview Hawks Hang Gliding Club (Lakeview Oregon) is currently seeking founding members for their club. So far, the club has been somewhat informal, but they would like to file for USHPA Chapter status and that requires a list of official members and officers.

So if anyone is interested in being listed as a Founding Member of that club, please post either here or in the Lakeview Hawks subforum. To become a USHPA Chapter, they will need at least 70% of their members to be current active USHPA members, so USHPA membership is very helpful to the club right now.

They are also seeking officers for the Club. So far, Sara has been the acting President, and I've been the acting Secretary. But I think we'd both be happy to see other pilots step into those positions for the official Chapter Application to USHPA. The club's bylaws will also need to be established, and I think Sara will be working on those in the Lakeview Hawks subforum as well.

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