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Flare flair

Postby JoeF » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:31 am

Flare flair fair :: a place (fair) to advance notes about landing flares with one aim of increasing one's flair for flaring.
This thread invites notes about HG-landing flaring and flaring when not landing.
:arrow: Preamble chirp: ... bird.shtml
:arrow: Notice a flare in the terminus of a gyro hang glider landing Gyro Hang Glider Tow
:?: flare ::
:arrow: :arrow: Enjoy a Great Egret flare photo on the page and a second of Snowy Egret flare:

Progress of understanding flaring aspects?
When to flare and when not to flare?
When a flare can bring big hurts?
Incomplete flaring?
Ballooning affects flaring plans?
What do we know from bird flaring?
What is the difference between a fair flare and an unfair flare?
How to obtain a flair for flaring.
What to avoid in flaring?
Pitching rate?
Stall progression?
When flaring is not an option?
Flaring to perch?
Flaring for the camera? Showing advertisements? Showing off colors and designs and fine art?
History of HG flaring.
Harnesses and flaring? Interwoven dynamics?
Safety aspects of HG flaring.
Flaring to parachutals to respect special landing-field textures?
What can go wrong in flaring?
Practicing flaring?
Videos of various styles of flaring.
Is the wing structured for flaring?
Discussions (and the links) on the record regarding flaring.
Flaring into net landings?
Flaring to upslope path while in upslope (tailing) wind?
Interface with Safe-Splat mitigation?
Dynamics of flaring when above 400 m AGL? Spectrum of concerns?
Flaring for wing runners (WR)?
How often is "flair" written when "flare" is intended? For research of flares, note the reach into the misspellings.
Tails and flaring?
Aft-keel mods in respect of flaring? Shapes and materials?
Flare stories?
What have we?
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